favourite game

whats your favourite game on xbox,xbox360,ds and wii

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vishalapr6 years ago
Only have a wii :
Mario Galaxy 2
Doctor What7 years ago
Please start formatting your forum topics correctly.  That means capitals, grammar, spelling, etc.

Xbox - KOTOR
360 - Bioshock
DS - Scribblenauts
Wii - No More Heroes
KOTOR for the win
kylekosan236 years ago
call of dudy 2 modern warfaif and black ops and hale 3 and halo odst
nfk11 (author) 6 years ago
new one

360:CoDblack ops
PS3:CoDmodern warfare1&2
ps3 medal of honor, and modern warfare, ps2, battlefront 2
CrayfishYAY6 years ago
I don't have any of those. I don't even want 1. SPORE (computer game) is enough.
nfk11 (author) 6 years ago
ok ive changed my opinion and change my systems.

360:halo serys
PS3:modern warfare
PS2:battlefront 1-2
I wish I had an Xbox 360. My favorite would be Forza 3 or NFS Shift.
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