featured by?

every time i look at somebodys stats, like kipkays phaser alarm clock, it say it is featured by brenn10. what does that mean and how do you do it?

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Kiteman9 years ago
A small group of regulars have been invited to help out on the site. One of their tasks is to watch the site's input and feature the projects or forum threads that come up to Instructables' standards of production or creativity.

Featured projects get extra exposure on the home page and sometimes get mentioned in the newsletter.

Publishing the featurer's name keeps the team "honest" - it's generally considered poor form to feature your own projects, for instance - because featuring increases traffic to the 'ibles.
how exactly does that work? Featuring I mean. Whats the process? Is it just one person a day or like each one picks one or they just talks or what?

bad gerammer...hehehe
Featurers try and read as many of the projects posted as possible. If they come up to (and beyond) the rigorous, but slightly flexible, standards of the site - well-written, clear photos, an interesting project etc - then the featurer can feature it. Featurers will feature projects they have no personal interest in, just because the actual post is done well. There is no limit to the number that get featured, but it would be silly to feature every project posted.
especially when so many don't meet the standard. (There's a standard? Why was I not informed, I've been rolling a D12 to pick what I feature.)
That explains why you feature more than I do - I use a D20.
Keith-Kid9 years ago
Look! my avatar is a dinosaur!!!!! Man I MUST be interesting!!! SOmeone with that kind of avatar is really Instructables material!!!

Wink Wink! ;)

Brennn109 years ago
For those wondering, if you positively contribute and show your desire to improve this awesome community, you may be picked to help out with the feature team.
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