featured instructable is now a draft?

Today I noticed one of my instructables was "un-published" and is now a draft? What would make an instructable (that was featured) get taken down. It was un-changed since publishing...

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mikeasaurus4 years ago
Looks like a hiccup from an update on our end. Please feel free to just save your project and publish again.
As of Monday evening (Sept.23,2013), no new projects should have been unpublished by this bug. We've gone through the entire list of projects that were affected, and are awaiting the postmortem synopsis before we bring them all back.
All previously unpublished projects that were affected by this should now be back as they were before. If you notice any that aren't please post a direct link in a reply to this comment.
Passed right by Me. "Course I never have had a Draft yet.
M3G4 years ago
Same thing happened to me, pretty weird.
canida4 years ago
Got me too; I just republished 3. Wacky. The dev team will go find this bug and squish it.
caitlinsdad4 years ago
One of mine got the hook https://www.instructables.com/id/Man-Bytes-Corndogs/, although I should disavow any knowledge of having made that.