fighting kites

how about making some fighting kite instructions. i've been really interested in dominating the sky with razor kits of doom.

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matsojr229 years ago
I remember being a kid and my dad telling me that they used to glue nails and razors and stuff to kites. Then they would fight them... that was the 60's though... we have video games and computers and airsoft guns now... not many people still play kick the can and eat paint chips... i dont know...
I'd be interested in seeing them too...especially the glass infused strings =]
You do realise that those kites kill several people every year? They are, typically, garotted by lines falling in front of them as the ride their motorcycles...
I could see them getting a bit of a shock, depending on the compounds in the line and how conductive they are, if they came in contact with power lines. I remember fearing that very thing every time I flew my kite. I had enough line on it that it took a good portion of an hour to reel it all in (when at it's highest, it was very hard to even see the 2 X3 foot kite).
You should have gotten a rubber handle =]

But I believe kiteman meant the sharp string, not power lines
Yes, I believe he did (since he said garroted and not electrocuted)....but as far as my kite and string were concerned, the line I used was nylon High tensile strength string (with around a 100 lb tensile strength in it). It was heavy, and NOT monofilament, and with the kite fully out, the line paralleled the ground for about 50 or so yards before heading upward, it was so heavy. Needless to say, I didn't let it all the way out very often :-) But I was probably not in any danger with electrocution at the was just that, back then, I didn't know that.
I did mean the sharpness, but I bet there are electrocution problems as well - they fly these kites from city roofs, between power lines and above busy traffic (hence the garottment).
casey321b (author)  Kiteman9 years ago
so.... rofl XD
gmjhowe9 years ago
sounds dangerous

do it