fire launcher

hey guys, i want something that can shoot fire up to a distance of about 2-5 meters so i can light bonfires and stuff easily, thanks for the help Pyro13

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Late but KipKay's fireball shooter.
fireworks9 years ago
get a glass bottle and fill it with gas and but a rag coming out the end light the tip and throw it at the wood make sure it breaks the fire hits the gas boom u have a fire or just try axe or hair spary
pyro13 (author)  fireworks9 years ago
haha thats funny, i wrote an instructable on those about a month ago =D
Doctor What9 years ago
I like Gyromilds idea! Flaming arrows for all!
iman9 years ago
lemonie10 years ago
Flaming-firework? I've tried this, but it was too windy and all the petrol blew away before we could light it... L
Kiteman10 years ago
If you've built your bonfire properly, all you need to light it is a single match.

If you want to light the bonfire with some drama, though, try this instructable: - rig up something to squirt the glycerine into the permanganate when you step on a hidden bulb, wave your hands around and the bonfire will light by magic.
gyromild10 years ago
That is VERY dangerous.
Why don't you make small fire arrows (or something similar) instead. IF lighting up bonfires is your goal.. I'm a bit concern with the and stuff part..