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SOoo, um... I guess I should start a topic or something. what systems do all of you use? I use Xbox 360 and nintendo

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Dos and old games on a super expensive gaming pc. Thats just how i roll.
A lot of the times i will go play original xbox in my friends basement where he system linked 2 together.
Brennn1010 years ago
I use the PC. I am so old school. I dont need any of that High Definition Meg Pixel 500 Horsepower LCD Max Hard Core Pentium D. BF1942 ftw. I am so l337.
Goodhart Brennn1010 years ago
Tis ok, I only have two methods of "game playing" at home: Board games, with the wife, or Chess on the computer (with an occasional game of Freecell or Alchemy thrown in for good measure). If I want to play a game where I push a button quickly, I will play Mitzvah Man (a variation on PacMan, with questions to answer every time I get to certain "safe" areas).
i am with you on that one (i am not allowed to play the Wii that we are going to get on christmas because to play it I have to work together with my family (what a drag))
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Aeshir10 years ago
Gamecube, some PC games that are old enough to play on my crappy Windows PC (Splinter Cell, Halo), N64 that I don't play anymore, two NESs, GBA, old Game Boy given to my brother by a friend in the late 90's.
Kiteman10 years ago
Does "pieces and a board" count?
mmzdaniel10 years ago
teh_pyroazn10 years ago
Easy Button10 years ago
i have an xbow and wii
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