flame igniter

joho! i am making something similar to the "fireslinger" made by tetranite. The big difference is that mine w ill use short jolts of gasoline, that come from a perfume tester, so there will be short big flames, but i need something to ignite the small cloud of gasoline. the problem is, that it cant be a flame, or a torch, because it will be mounted on the wrist. so i will need a reliable ignition source, like a electric shock, the only problem with electricity i use, is that the sparks are too small to ignite everything, so i need bigger sparks, made by anything that will easily spark!

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Kiteman10 years ago
What about wiring up a taser so that the spark jumps across in front of the jet?
Goodhart Kiteman10 years ago
I always thought a taser referred to the mechanism that launched two weighted wires that hooked onto the "suspect" so he could be shocked from a distance. The 100,000 v mechanism I have was labeled a Stun Gun.
Kiteman Goodhart10 years ago
Pot-ay-to, pot-ah-to.
Goodhart Kiteman10 years ago
pluish (author)  Kiteman10 years ago
smart! you would have high voltage painfully close to your wrist though.
Goodhart10 years ago
gasoline passed through a nebulizer will create an explosive mixture of air and gasoline. Be careful....
only if the ratio of air to fuel is approx 15 to one (i think by weight) otherwise, it does not explode. have you considered a piezoelectric igniter, like the ones for BBQs? they sell them as a replacement, so you don't need a new bbq
It may not explode in the normal fashion, but it could still flash. I have seen way to many "nearly faceless" persons that I later learned were fooling around with gasoline, to consider it safe to use outside of an "internal" combustion engine.
my dad went to a presentation a while ago about a guy who violated all safety requirements. heres the story: he drives up to the oil pipeline he has to repair. while working on it, something pops, and the chemical gets in his eye because he was not wearing safety glasses. then, the pipe leak becomes larger, so, realizing there is a risk of explosion, he retreats, and radios base to cut the gas. then the gas reaches his truck, which he left running against code, and the fuel explodes. his fire-retardant clothing would have protected him, but he had rolled the sleeves up to his shoulders. while in burn therapy, he met someone who had gone to a Halloween party rapped in toilet paper, and someone was careless with their cigarette. so yeah, be careful. as tetratrinate would recommend, use kerosene instead of gasoline.
I remember watching my Dad pour gasoline on a smoldering pile of leaves to "get them going again". Fortunately for him, the liquid reached the embers before the fumes, or he would have experienced a different kind of "flaming" then current computer uses are familiar with. The liquid actually dowsed the embers though.
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