flame thrower

A really cool flame thrower. It only takes a lighter, a stick, and a can of wd-40.

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goeon9 years ago
thats what i used on this wasps nest near my house i used up 3 cans
Where on earth did you get the smily?
This looks fun, but if you spray something you shouldn't, it can become a big mess. There were these kids in an apartment building like 5 min. away from my house that burnt down the entire building trying to get rid of a wasp nest.
fwjs288 years ago
tehehe i rated it....lol...btw, axe works quite well....*hides empty can*
CarStalkerZ9 years ago
Ive done this before. Its incredibly dangerous though, if the flame travles up the spray of wd-40, it can ignite the fluid inside the can, and violently explode.
Explosions require oxygen. There is no oxygen in the can. This has been argued to a bloody pulp before.
ye it has been argued to death on the internet but anytime a friend sees you do it you spend half an hour explaining it... Even sensible people are thick enough to believe it, like science teachers that replied it's true...
Not me!

I said something along the lines of the heat could melt the valve off, allowing a sudden release of the contents in a fireball that could be mistaken for an explosion.

At least, I hope I said that.
I wasn't referring to you, I've seen them take off at great speed and even when thrown in a fire they have a habit of doing odd things before detonating...
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