flame thrower

ive seen this guy with a knex flame thower, then 2 months later the genius built a lego flame thrower.what do you think? can you build it? if so please post it. sorry i couldn't you the vids, cameras bit went funny mind you nothing melted for fve mins on going pumping. know it uses a piston sorta thing in both. squirting oil, a wick at the ignites it out come fire. something an acnient chinese flame thrower.

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My mate made one out of a fire exstinguiser(quite ironic really) can't you just do that and like, I dunno glue sum lego to it? Or doe's that evade the point? my mates was really good!
A flamethrower constructed out of plastic bits that are intended to detach easily from each other does not sound like a good idea, honestly. It does, however, sound like tons of fun. First!
I was first, this isn't a constructive comments, is it?
I was first, actually, by 13 seconds. It was also a joke that I intended for you to find humorous. Sorry.
I don't believe that your reply to my comment was more constructive than my original comment. So there.
I now see the genius of your joke, I will now plan to laugh in 13 seconds lol
guyfrom7up10 years ago
Not that I've tried the Super Soaker path.. >.> .. but it really does work quite well. I forget what the name of the specific gun is, but there's one that let's loose the entire reservoir at once.