flash drive music player

I have no idea how to make this, but i thought it would be cool if, instead of erasing music from your mp3 player to put more on you could just take a storage bit off and put a new one on. In essance there would be two parts to the player. A storage device (in this case a flash drive) and a audio player. Any ideas?

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jameso (author) 10 years ago
LasVegas11 years ago
My phone already does that. I can load multiple micro-SD cards with music/videos/photos and select the set I want to use that day. It's pretty nice now that micro-SD come as large as 1GB (2GB soon!) The card can also hold alternate ring tones, but to make it truly swappable, the tones would have to have the same filenames.
westfw11 years ago
The problem is that USB is rather "asymetric", so that it is much more difficult to make a device that can READ a USB flash drive than it is to make a device that can ACT as a USB flash drive. So your Music player with any kind of standard flash card support does most of what you're talking about more simply (and this cheaper.)
mikesty11 years ago
You mean a music player that uses SD/MMC/CF cards ? :)
jameso (author)  mikesty11 years ago
It would be like a cd player, but instead of using a cd for data storage you would use a jump drive. An SD card would work too, I just though of a flash drive before SD card or any other storage device.