flexible light rope or similar light moving device

am searching for method to replace old or upgrade new idea for creating safe toy which allows child to operate from control box or reistat the movement of color lights through safe tubing- similar to light rope but changable through speed and direction. Mostly speed. Enough rope to shape into any form. thanks, west virginia kate

lemonie10 years ago
LED-marbles, and wide-bore tube... L
westfw10 years ago
what you're asking for is relatively complex. To achieve a "chase" effect, you need at least three separate circuits of lights (so they can be individually controlled) through the tube. To get multiple colors, you can multiply that by the number of colors. Your best bet might be to start with a set of "pattern controllable" Christmas lights and replace the controller with something that is more user friendly in the ways you want...
NachoMahma10 years ago
. I'd try using something like Tygon tubing. Wire up your lights, run a stiff wire through the tubing and pull your lamp string into the tubing.