flickr import not working

Just tried adding photos to my instructable via flickr import. When I click on the red "add" link under the photo I would like to add, the spinning gif appears, but then goes away after a second or two and the photo does not get added to the Attached Images and Files area. This is the first time this has happened to me and it has worked fine for all of my other photos in my other instructable. This new instructable I am working on does not have any photos added to it yet, if that makes a difference. I would appreciate any help or insight on this. Is the same thing happening to anyone else?

lemonie8 years ago
onelmo8 years ago
AHHHHHH.... So I posted a topic explaining my problem... look under FLICKR I wanted to post the pic I uploaded there But I seewhat recreate was saying. I have to reload the picture Im not gonna upload it because It just took me too much time.. Look in the other post. And It looks like " (Note: Use Ctrl-/Cmd- and Shift-select for multiple files) " Might do the trick for my first rant.. Ill try it tomorrow
onelmo8 years ago
This might help you

1.- i added my flicker account
2.- I went to what ever set or photos on my online album, and them I pressed add... ( the little mac spinning thing started) and then I did it like a gizillian times.
3.- I found my images for uploading in another TAB ( my library) uploaded a million times.

I guess what happens is that you open you flicker account, tell Instructables which images you want and saves a copy ( or link/code) on your library.

What I didnt like was:
1.- my images where uploaded a 56 times because I kept pressing the image (stupid me) but anyways..... I have to delete one - by one!!!!! Are you kidding me. Cant I select all and then just erase them . Or erase a folder or something in my library... <------If you know how to do this tell me

2. The second Bug I am reporting is: MY FLICKER IMAGES LOSE THEIR NAME WHEN I ADD THEM TO MY LIBRARY (I put it in caps so a developer from flicker can fix this.)

I am doing my first post.. so I am really annoyed.. I havent learned how to use Instructables interface yet. But I consider my self pretty good at computing. I suggest a developer to take a look at it.

However it is easy to look at web pages and forum.. I mean the interface.. But for importing pictures... :S:S:S
ReCreate8 years ago
Its happening for comments too...