flying taser

I'm working on a flying tazer and have everything primed and perfect, but i can't figure out how to shoot the thing!!!!!1 along the lines of springs, compressed air, or electricity ( coilguns )please...

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zero75259 years ago
regular tasers use a butane gas air compression chamber or something like that, search that up on instructables
if mod it right you could use a coilgun specs 60'-70' of speaker wire 2" barrel w/wood rod inside
instructa-fan (author)  tater killer9 years ago
Just letting you know this is to "shock" somebody, not kill them. lol ( I have an alternate, working model for my 3" section piping air cannon; of which put a dent in a solid steel AC housing, using a gumdrop.) ;)
Pat Sowers10 years ago
if you show me a picture i could help.
instructa-fan (author)  Pat Sowers10 years ago
OK, i have 2.........
instructa-fan (author)  instructa-fan10 years ago
ok now i have all of em'
instructa-fan (author)  Pat Sowers10 years ago
OK i'll try to remember that when i get back to my house, that will be about monday, thanks for the replies!!!
Kiteman10 years ago
How about a good old-fashioned catapult?
instructa-fan (author)  Kiteman10 years ago
its kinda funny thinking of a policeman chasing a thug around with a mini catapult on a camera with a ball of duct tape in the arm!
Pat Sowers10 years ago
it looks like you sould make a small air tank for it with a valve so it would shoot like a air cannon.
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