fortune cookies

does anyone know how to make an origami fortune cookie...I don't really want to buy a 'kit' just to know how?

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AznPanda9 years ago
AznPanda9 years ago
Uhh it wouldn't matter if it was the origami type or edible... u could just cut it into some dough... and do the origami... then bake then you got it.. o.O
Patrik9 years ago
I think you should also bake some small rectangular cookies with writing on them. You know, to put inside the origami fortune cookie...
A.C.E.10 years ago
actually make the edble cookie or out of paper?
akascout (author)  A.C.E.10 years ago
Out of paper like origami, kits they sell for way too much
A.C.E. akascout10 years ago
I found a paper fortune cookie but it has glueing so im not sure if its really origami.
its kinda of kirigami XP
linkmaster0310 years ago
You mean the fortune cookie that pops open when you press the tips?
akascout (author)  linkmaster0310 years ago
Thanks!!!!!That works!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
A.C.E. akascout10 years ago
alright, your welcome. mabey you could cut some flaps and slits, or lock them on the edge to make it non-glue, but that might mess it up.
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