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where and how can i download music without buying it......

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I can recommend this and this

Jack Moran3 years ago

Try youtube downloader

Pirate bay (handy for full discography's)
Any youtube -> mp3 service (this one was my favourite, because of the 'mp3 high' option. Better bitrate)
Bandcamp. Sometimes bands don't have a minimum charge, so you can stuff for free.
Google "artist album rar", and you can find full albums. If you are asked to save a binary file as a 'downloader' for the music, then DON'T save it. Find another site.

you can have my music for free :p

NachoMahma7 years ago
That is awesome!
onrust4 years ago
Haven't used it for quite a while, but MP3 Rocket provided free software for searching for and downloading music. It was legal, but told you to remove the mp3 after it had been listened to. Your "license" was single use. They did mark their mp3's however. Not just with tags, but embedded code. If you check out this route, ensure that you do not share the files you download. It could easily become a big deal if you did....especially today.
KentsOkay7 years ago
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