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Ok, well, I was interested in creating my own little website (not sure what it should contain), but I need a web host. Im 13, so I dont feel like paying for a host, the instructables on how to create a website have not been helpful in this topic, so, i was wondering if any of you know of any reliable free web hosts. Also, i wonder if the domain "" is taken or something... the .com and .net ones are already taken, although is for sale..............

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Berkin8 years ago
I use <font><a href=""></a> and I think it's the WIN!<br /></font> - loads of space, 3 or 4GB I think it may be 8GB I'm not sure... domain names are free in return for displaying a small gif image on the site, it's not noticeable and great. With 110mb you also get 300gb of bandwidth which is enough for most.
DJ Radio (author)  killerjackalope9 years ago
I've had great luck with that combination, .tk seems to be slow to load compared to
Chicken22099 years ago
If you ever get a link from dj its now mostlikely going to be rickroll
DJ Radio (author)  Chicken22099 years ago
no, im gonna be straight from now on, although i will put the youtube rickroll video in there (dont worry, it wont move around the screen and have pop up messages)
.... jake is going to suspect you, its not going to work
DJ Radio (author)  Chicken22099 years ago
im not gonna try to rickroll him.........
DJ Radio (author)  Chicken22099 years ago
correction- never
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