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ive been working on several things lately and one of them being rocket engines (and bottle rockets) and also firecrackers the engines i have no problem with exept does anyone know how to make the shuttle srb fuel i know the chemicals but does anybody know where to get them (easily prefered kinda like kno3 is stump remover) and also how to you mix it do you grind them into eachother or do you just mix them and then with firecrackers mine never explode they just vent through the fuse hole how do i make it explode? and also helzapopins or crackler balls are those little balls just lifting powder?

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mattadams10 years ago
hi my name is matt my dad dose pro firework and if you get a thick metel tube and put flash or black or gun powder then put a small tube or fuse in to the bottom coming to the top.then put a disk of carboard on top of the powder. then put some thing on top of that (it will better id you put a cinder shape in it) then make sure the tube is staked it to the ground then light the fure and RUN the thing you put in it will go up!!!! and breath
westfw mattadams10 years ago
Oh boy. A pipe bomb. The Police LOVE those.

Amateur rocketeers should avoid metal casings, with the possible exception of pre-made aluminum casings aimed at rocket experimentors.

The SRB fuel is PBAN, Ammonium Perchlorate, and Aluminum Powder. the PBAN is a curable liquid polymer, so things get mixed to a putty-like consistancy and then put in molds to cure. The formulation isn't particularly well suited to small rocket motors; too much aluminum (which burns OUTSIDE the motor and doesn't add propulsion performance unless you have a BIG motor.)

There's actually a bunch of active communities working on homemade rocket motors of various types. Amateur Rocketry is a reasonable starting point.
Estwald westfw9 years ago
Actually with Some adjustments to the formula there are reloadable, commercially available aluminum casing rocket motors as small as 18mm.
See: Aerotech Catalog (pdf),, page 12.
The two certifying bodies for High Power Rocketry in the USA are:
1) Tripoli, and 2) National Association of Rocketry (NAR), Both web sites have sections to help you find the closest local affiliate. The big plus is that sanctioned activities there is insurance to cover damages your rocket may cause. A good source of general info and links is EMRR, also Rocketry Planet, Be safe and clear skies
Estwald Estwald9 years ago
Oh, also if building rocket motors and experimenting with fuel formulas is your interest then Tripoli is the organization you would be interested in. they classify those activities as "Experimental Rocketry" and are open to those certified Level 2 and higher. Clear Skies.
buildingteen (author) 10 years ago
I'm using homemade black powder
dogsrcool2me10 years ago
What are you using in the fire crackers?
Flash poder. If you were to take one apart, you would know.
I know that is what the commerial firecrackers use, I was asking what HE was using in HIS firecrackers.
Boomerxx2110 years ago has some kno3 and other pyrotechnic supplies, it's a small supply but I know he has it. Also, if any of you gus are into potato guns try out
zofo30010 years ago
ohhh easy just get some black powder from model rockets try to get the good on
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