fun question

if you were stranded on an island and you could bring two things what would you bring?
you are on a island with lions and many bugs. also there is no trees on this island.
i know what i would bring 2 full refrigerators.

rule # 1: you cant bring any planes or cars or trucks or cruise ships.

rule # 2: if you bring a refrigerator you can only bring one piece of food cause the question is " what two items would you bring" the key word is "'two items'.

rule # 3: no electronics!

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Punkguyta10 years ago
That brass lamp that's been sitting on my shelf for 20 years and makes spooky sounds when I rub it. That and a big bag of weed
you do drugs?
drugs are very bad
No they aren't, not non chemical drugs like said bag of dope, coke and meth and shit like that is bad, eats your brain.
weed is still illegal for a reason and its bad veeeeeeerrrrrrryyyyyyyyy bad for you
This obviously coming from someone that hasn't ever done it. Smoking ciggeretes is worse bud.
no drugs kill brain cells = making you dummer. yes smoking is bad but its abou the same
Actually smoking one spliff kills 4 brain cells whereas smoking a cigarette kills 7. Either that or the newspaper has been lying to me again...
ya everything in the newspaper is true *rolls eyes*
Pot doesn't kill your brain cells.
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