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Someone shot me point blank and it hit my eyelid!! Thank god I closed my eyes and it was only a stinger P9
i threw a tornado grenade and it landed underneath his crotch and he didnt even know.the funny part was that he had no protection there and they were exploding bbs
Exploding bbs?
ilpug5 years ago
Point-blanked some guy in the nipple with a gas pistol.
My teammate shot me point blank...
nfk115 years ago
ok so me and my friend were playing in his backyard and i had my AK-47 and his AEG and he had a pistol with his other AEG and i was hiding behind a chair(on its side) and he got up while i was cocking the gun and when i shot i was out of ammo. so i grabbed the other gun and i saw him coming after me so i shot all over the place and totally missed him. he shot me and it ended. :D
hungyhipo 28 years ago
o i was play with my friends (pump and CO2 pistols) and i was using a CO2 and i was out of ammo so my friend charged me (he also had CO2 with no ammo but he didnt know that) so we are both shooting aimlessly and dont know we are out of ammo and out comes a kid at my rear and im on the ground and all of a suddon he shoots and hits me right in the but and im yelling im hit im hit and thats it
wraith398 years ago
When I bought my first aeg I brought it home and was sighting it in when one of my friends stopped by. We had been playing with springers for several years and he was curious how well an aeg was when it came to accuracy. Well, of course I let him squeeze off a few rounds. After he had emptied a couple mags and had loaded a fresh one, we were standing there talking. He still had the rifle in his hands and was playing around with it. Evidently, he thought he had moved the selector switch to semi auto. He put the muzzle of the gun against his boot and squeezed the trigger. 4-5 rounds came out before he got his finger off the trigger. His face turned beet red and, without saying a word, handed me back the gun and limped off. I think I was in tears from laughing so hard.
goeon (author)  wraith398 years ago
lol i did that when i first played paintball. right in the foot!
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