the blue food bowl in the pics has been replaced cos she ate all the bottom so it wasn't strong and i went to fill it up when she was under it and i didn't know and as i pored it in the food was too heavy and i all collapsed on to of her and she leaped across the cage head first in to the clear plastic walls. (:P ha ha ha it still makes me laugh

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the poodleo7 years ago
its a nice gerbil, but my sgestion is that in the future if u ever buy new ones, buy 2 or 3, cuz they do better in a more social environment. ut dont try to introduce new gerbils now, because thy will fight.
Mothys8 years ago
my hamster just stays on the ground
no mine has never done backflips i often see hampsters do it alot on tv and internet
Way back when I had a hamster, I remember that mine didn't do that either. Now I have Cavies, and they don't flip, but when excited they leap straight up in the air, much like a bucking bronco. LOL
Goodhart9 years ago
Does yours do backflips ? I have yet to understand that behavior...but I have seen it so often (walk up to the bowl and plooop, backflip....over and over again). :-)