get some money

i need some cash for something i found im to young for a job well a real job and i was wondering if you had any ideas? i dont want to like have a big hassle like going to nyc im in north smithefield. i need like 60$ for what i want. so i want a quick buck any ideas?

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Rishnai9 years ago
Aluminum is at a very high price right now. Every eight cans is a pound. My uncle's day job is pouring concrete, but he makes almost that much money just taking aluminum cans to the scrapyard. Of course, he has connections, and everyone he even remotely knows send him cans. You'll need about 1200 cans for the amount of money you want, but if you seriously get everyone ou know to give you all their cans, it'll be easy. Even if you get less than that, it's a lot of money. Sell it to the scrapyard, not the grocery store. The grocery store royally screwes you. And weigh them somewhere like a VERY non-busy UPS store so the scrapyard guy doesn't screw you. UPS has accurate scales.
something a kid in my neighborhood does is go door to door and ask people if they want him to pick up their recycling for them and sort it. He will take cans and bottles. he returns them and gets the money, I even pay him a buck to pick them up (our recycling program here is a pain in the neck, it's hard to sort them all out to put at the curb and I don't get paid anything for returning them...) so I would rather give them to him and pay him a buck. he gets paid twice I guess...but it helps me out
acaz939 years ago
Better yet , if you live in a hot-dry area , sell cold water , buy a 25 pack in Sam's club for 7 bucks and borrow a cooler with wheels , go to a public park or something , and go offering cold water to the people , sell each bottle 20 - 50 cents more expensive , (25bottles by 75cents = 18.75 bucks , almost the triple!)
try it, I did , and i bought my mini marshall amp
and few cans of cold pop, and if there is lots of little kids jumbo freezeies have huge markups to and they help keep the water cold at the same time....
yah , that's good too
If you could manage a 6'er of cold ones you'd realize profit beyond your imagination. Also good if you choose this route is to make sure your legs work well, as you're going to need them to outrun the police when they catch you. good luck!
Now THAT'S a good idea! I'll have to try that!
do that for a week and VOILA! , you have a brand new mini marshall Amp.
=SMART= acaz939 years ago
Very good idea actually
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