i'm about to attempt to make one of these!giphoscope/c1t44 . basically a hand cranked gif. i'm 3d printing most of it (because why not?). i'm fairly certain i've figured most of it out. the only thing i'm lacking is the actual GIF part.

in my brain, for this to work, it seems to that the images of the gif in question would have to be somewhat modified to get the frames correctly on the thing. 

my assumption is that since they're folding the image across a bar/pin then the bottom half of each card would actually need to be the bottom half of the next frame? this is exceptionally close to breaking my brain. if anyone can take a look at the images/gifs of thier thing in action and let me know what you think

Kiteman3 years ago

crapflinger (author)  Kiteman3 years ago

such a non kiteanswer....i'm sure they've got reason to obfuscate their process, but in the images of them setting up the images for the thing it doesn't LOOK like they're doing that. yet, it's the only way my brain will make it work
Sorry, I was in a hurry, but your thinking was correct, so; "yes".
crapflinger (author)  Kiteman3 years ago
VERIFIED! forgot that thinkgeek was selling something similar (and cheaper)...they've got a downloadable psd template that lays out what you're supposed to do with the images.