glassblower disability device
i need help. i can't spin the glass very well and need a device to spin it steadilly for me. the video shows my issue, if you could help it would be very helpfull.

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coogrrr5 years ago
I believe this can be the solution. Please contact me so I can explain
coogrrr5 years ago
Has this been solved? If not I would like to offer a design that I think would work and be inexpensive to make and you would be able to lift and still even use your fingers for tactile reasons. Let me know if I should post and I will get to making the design in pictures etc.
What you want it called a glassblower's lathe.

Here's a homemade one

They're used wherever a glassblower needs perfect control of a tube.
Mmjmama (author)  steveastrouk5 years ago
Thanks, we've looked at that and it is not flexible enough for my needs. Besides we call struggles opportunities for therapy!
Why isn't it flexible enough ? What needs to be modified ?
I think you need to approach it from the artist's standpoint. The paradigm is for you to put your soul into the machine and not the machine to churn out a perfectly spun piece of glass. I guess it is the same with why I will not use 123D to design. Sure, it is capable but it lacks the tactile gratification and connect with the piece.
These things aren''t machines for churning out stuff though. The ones I've seen in use are used like two extra, synchronised hands.
This kind of stuff.
Artisan glassblowing is pretty cool to watch. I would think a fixed lathe would not allow you to manipulate the glass as a craftsperson would put their entire body movement into it like the one spin to get a fluted edge glass bowl or something.
caitlinsdad5 years ago
I had one of these old black&decker stick electric screwdrivers. If you attach a pipe to hold your glassblowng pipe, it can turn inside of the orange pipe here. A driver wheel could be chucked and move the glass blowing pipe. The screwdriver has that one orange button for forward and reverse direction. The harder you press, the faster it spins. It doesn't get up to drill speeds but it looks like fast enough to turn glass. I think it has enough torque to turn the glass blob when you press it on to the anvil. I guess wheels from inline skates might work. You would need a set of free rollers on the other side of the pipe to keep it inline with the tube as the drive wheel presses against it. You can hack off the back part of an oscillating lawn sprinkler and mate that up to your glass blowing pipe. It is like the tangle-free cord minder on a telephone cord to keep the blowing tube kink free. It would be easy to hack the screwdriver so the onboard batteries are taken out to lighten the weight or add big paddle switches to make it more ergonomic to control. The unit runs on ni-cads so a power cord would be more practical for long run time. Footswitch is also possible if needed.

Any local maker friends willing to fabricate something like this? I hope it helps. Good luck.

Mmjmama (author)  caitlinsdad5 years ago
this is a great idea! This is Mary's husband. I think the drill/spinner is the best idea yet! Mary has a problem with that much weight, but I have a dremel with a long "Flexible Shaft". I think if I use a teflon "Yellow" tube and an overhead pully/neutral weight system i think we can make it work. Great idea! Thanks.
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