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Hello all,

A few of you may remember we making a cheap quick handgun to sell on ebay. Because i only spent about 4 hours on it, it looked kinda shoddy, and did not sell.

However, i need to clear some stuff out. So i am going about selling my projects off. So, ive set up an Etsy shop, i intend to sell the following via that shop, in this order, anything that doesn't sell, im going to flog on ebay.

Here's whats going up for sale.
That is all.

- gmj

/shameless plug

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Berkin8 years ago
Oh, sell these?!?

I should make another cyberpunk pistol and try to make some quick bucks myself...
gmjhowe (author)  Berkin8 years ago
You have to watch it, if it doesn't look good quality, it wont sell. Also, i has to be different...
mg0930mg8 years ago
Nice, too expensive for me. D=
Chicken22098 years ago
looks good cept it needs Mo4r Cowbell!!!!!1
=SMART=8 years ago
Coolzo ill check it out