when i get more than 10 gmod users il unleash gmod how to instructables like how to make a plane without hoverballs, how to make a podracer, how to make a thaad defence truck,how to make a combine helicopter fly, how to make a airboat fly, how to turn your buggy into a lawnmower with npcs, how to download addons,how to change settings, i will release these in groups of 3 to prevent short pointless instructables and mabye a collaberation so all us gmodders can share ideas... UPDATE: i have now started posting my gmod instructables! enjoy!

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popeye12313 years ago

yes I ve been waiting

Punkguyta8 years ago
Oh my god, that is such a good idea! Now if only I could get gmod to work with all my maps properly, that would be cool as shiate.
bedbugg2 (author)  Punkguyta8 years ago
are you sure that you are putting your map files into the right areas?
Yes! Some maps will load but I get a purple skybox or objects, or just error objects. Some maps will make my gmod crash, and I'm using Gmod 10. I'm afraid maybe it's because the CS and team fortress files aren't installed, I know it's possible to put the texture packages into gmod, but google won't tell me how.
Jordo8 years ago
heck yes
Derin8 years ago
I have Gmod! I want to know where to put all of the files for downloading cars though.
bedbugg2 (author)  thatfatkid5008 years ago
they should go into the addons i think, it worked for me.
daelans9 years ago
whats gmod?
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