go kart kits

I'm going to build a go-kart kit and was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on what to buy.
I found this go cart. I would like to build it myself but for that price (400 dollars) I rather buy that than spend 800+ dollars on something not as good as that.

Bottom line
I found a nice go cart for 400 U.S. dollars. I would like to build a kit but not spend more than 400 dollars and that at least performs as well as the one in the above link. The kit has to total less than 450 dollars and have everything I need.
Thanks Jrb

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skunkpunk9 years ago
Check ebay get a used gocart cheaper. that engine looks like its chinese might break quicker than a briggs&stratton engine.
LinuxH4x0r9 years ago
I'm doing an electric car conversion on a similar budget. Seriusly, save your money and spend it on something better. 4 bills for that?
PKM LinuxH4x0r9 years ago
(ears prick up) Cheap electric car conversion? Do you know what batteries/motor/donor car you are using? I'm always interested in EV conversions- will you be posting progress updates? Also consider thejrb may be too young for a "proper car", I was heavily into go-karts as a teenager before I started driving road vehicles. If he's got the $400 to spend, why not? Can always sell it and buy something better if and when...
thejrb (author)  PKM9 years ago
Exactly on the spot.
LinuxH4x0r PKM9 years ago
I'll do an ible soon. I'm just starting to get the vehicle, I'll post more soon. Good point. I'd still recommend a moped though. I guess your right. Its just that I'm a 16 year old with no car and no job.
thejrb (author) 9 years ago
well the go cart I found looks perfect. I'm trying to be cost effective and it looks like it is. So unless I can get a kit with an engine, clutch and chain then I might as buy that one.