good paintball gun?

i was thinking about getting a paintball gun in a couple months for my birthday, and i was wondering if you guys new of any good gear(guns, paintballs, masks, hoppers, tanks.), but i would like it under 100 bucks total you have any reccomendations for stuff cuz me and my friends want to start playing in the woods. I have no experience execpt for playing nerf, so begginer stuff would be good. Thanx!

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hunter11256 years ago
I suggest checking out some Viewloaders. The guns are ergonomic and low cost and are basically spyder clones. They are also pretty durable. I got a viewloader lancer recently. When I bought it from my friend it looked like he marched to hell and back with it (rust, dirt, broken balls, you name it). I cleaned it up nice and it looks and acts brand new. The only problem is the lancer is an old model and is hard to find. I think it is, undoubtedly, one of the best begginner guns out there and can go on with little TLC.
ToddisI7 years ago
if your looking for a cheap first gun, i would go with the stryker cybrid, only 80 dollars, you can control the punch it has, and it comes with a one time use co2 canister with adapter and 500 paint balls,mask, hopper, only other things i wished it had, had when I first got it was a cyclone feeder and possibly pods... U CAN EVEN GET THE PACK AT WALL MART!!! only 80$$$ in my oppinion ide either get that or a cock loader to see how u LOVE the game... The design looks much like the spyder you posted as a picture...
ry259209 years ago
If your not sure if you like paintball, get a Veiwloader. I bought a used and refurbished Viewloader Lancer 1 year ago and it's almost as good as my brother's Tippmann. If you know you like it, buy a 98 custom.
98 customs are nice starter guns, once you play for a bit and start to find your style of play you can up grade the gun to fit. You can upgrade to a flatline or apex barrel if you are more of a sniper or add a cyclone feed and response or electric trigger if you want a better rate of fire. Don't waste your cash on an expansion chamber. Now don't get offended at this, but you sound like you may be a bit young so if you find the gun to heavy or long you could try a remoteline which will let you ware the CO2 tank in a harness and lose a little weight and length on the gun, which will increase your response speed and may help your accuracy a bit. I let my nephew use mine for a day and ended up giving it to him.
What defines a paintball gun as "good" depends on what you are doing. Woodsball/scenario, speedball, airball, hyperball, I'm only good with knowledge about woodsball/scenario. For this type I recommend Tippmann. I have an A5, but you might want a Custom Pro, 98 custom, or Model 98 if you are new. But, STEER CLEAR FROM THE TRIUMPH LINE OF TIPPMANN!! Not only are they not for woodsball, they are basically a Model 98 with a haircut. They are also not very accurate as they are meant for closer combat situations. Visit or call Tippmann Sports at 260 749 6022 Hope I have helped.
Also go to for all your Tippmann modification needs. Theres even a virtual A5 builder.
nerfer192 (author) 9 years ago
does anyone know if evil paint is good?
evil is great.
nerfer192 (author)  teaaddict3149 years ago
evil is alright
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