gorkem's crossbow

ok im just putting it out there i have made gorkems crossbow


Picture of gorkem's crossbow
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smidge14710 years ago
hey danny how far can it shoot?and what is the effective range?
Danny (author)  smidge14710 years ago
i take it u built it now u tell me?
hmm wat to do now o o a link *leaves*
Danny (author)  o.....m......g.....lol!10 years ago
yeh are u gonna build it? make sure you comment the instructable!
dangit i couldnt finish it last night cuz i fergot about monday night raw and also i hate carlito!
im gonna build l8ter after dinner cuz my mom says i have to pack we going camping tomorrow =]
very nice - he told me to say that
Danny (author)  Loosewire; SOE Operative10 years ago
i never! lol i only told u to bump the topic :P
i did mean it though-very nice. and danny, get another DP (something brighter) because i keep missing your comments
Danny (author)  Loosewire; SOE Operative10 years ago
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