gotta admit, kinda bummed by contest results

I recently entered a contest with what I thought was a good project. I'm no wizz and surely expect there to be strong competitors out there all with different projects. I have no idea what criteria is used in judging but to have several versions of the same thing (a bluetooth speaker) win several slots in the contest left me both bummed and scratching my head.

What's done is done but I feel like this is akin to running a contest of car repair and having 3 entries on How to Change a Tire win.

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I too have experienced this. To see the same kind of project win mutable spots in the finals or to see the same Instructable win in mutable contest is frustrating. I have also seen something that really doesn't fit the contest go on to place in the finals.

seamster11 days ago

Hi there,

The contests are always tough, and I know how you're feeling!

The criteria for judging is noted in the official contest rules, but a more common-language explanation of the process is outlined here: The topic is a few years old, but the info sheds some light into how contests are managed, and finalists chosen and then judged.

I'm sending you a private message with more info. Cheers,

Sam (seamster)


what I've learned is just shake the loss off and build something that you enjoy and instead of looking the one bad thing look at all the good. look at your 1.2 million views and your 203+1 followers tons of people have enjoyed your posts. some of us can't get more 150k views! :)

May your mirror reflection charm you, may what others see in you enchant them, may somebody cherish you enough to forget your shortcomings, may be oblivious to your flaws and flaunt your virtues.

Don't get me wrong, being honest is a good thing but it also shows how contests can go wrong...
If all your winning entries are different enough then I don't see a problem - if it is that good that you win with it it is deserved.
But if it is like you say and all are basically identical then I have to wonder how that got missed during the final stages....