guns that you want in knex

post here pics that you want in knex i look if i make the the gun in knex

Picture of guns that you want in knex
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SonicX 228 years ago
actually i made a mini version of this:
dutchwarlord (author)  SonicX 228 years ago
 im not sure if i can get a pic cuz i think the camera broke
dutchwarlord (author)  SonicX 228 years ago
oo oke
if you can take a pic plaese post
 ok il try to do it as soon as i can

Also the gun might look a bit suckish cuz its my first gun
Someone should make that and put somthing like a psp screen or something in there.
well that or a camera with really good zoom so you see farther. that would be cool
Is that from Red Faction?
i dunno
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