hello ,i am a chinese girl~I English not, please understand.

Hello everybody, I am a Chinese girl! A few days ago on the Internet to see this wonderful site, so I joined and became a member. Thus, a Chinese girl on the Internet and can with you. We hope we can good friend.

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happyjo6 years ago
Welcome to instructables! I am Glad you are here!
Hi nice to meet you toooooooooo.
Hi! Welcome to Instructables. :)
china candy (author)  Lithium Rain7 years ago
hello my name is Dai Zihan .
That's very pretty! What does it mean?
Not all names mean anything beyond "this word designates this person".

(Having said that, my real name means "warlike" in Hebrew, and "dedicated to Mars" in Latin.)
craftyv Kiteman6 years ago
Hello Mark. (Marcus) I hope.
Kiteman craftyv6 years ago
One of those is correct...

craftyv Kiteman6 years ago
My son is called Mark so i'll pick that. Bye.
Kiteman craftyv6 years ago
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