wat is the termalujy for kne xguns thast usd most?????

i wunt tu udnrstad teh insterctbles more

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Randomguy657 years ago
fjxhhdfghadgsyug gdgsdfhgysy YGfhjgdfhgffhhhhhs fhhyfyyyyyd dhshghhsd727777 6wertyfugtdgfxgvgcvbvbv seven bdfgdgsh 5 hfhhh thewwwh pew jgzjkhgjkx.
Kiteman8 years ago
Look at your keyboard - see how the numbers are all across the bottom?

Turn it round!

Lol! This is by far my favorite comment :)
Best. Comment. EVAR!
smilee Kiteman8 years ago
Lowney8 years ago

"What is the terminoligy for Knex Guns that is used most?
I want to understand the istructables more"
Lowney Lowney8 years ago
And that took 10 seconds to type!
In fct rting lke ths t8s 2 much h@$$1e, innit
lemonie Lowney8 years ago
Aw come on man, he's 47: his mind's gone already, probably Alzheimer's

Lowney lemonie8 years ago
Can "robots" even get Alzheimer's?
lemonie Lowney8 years ago

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