[help] Error message !

I was creating a new instrutable when suddenly this error occurred when I was uploading 3 pictures.
I was working on my laptop with Windows 7.
browser: Chrome (version it's the most recent)

Please help me, I can't even delete the instructable.
thanks in advance

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mikeasaurus4 years ago
This might have happened if one of your pictures was too large. I've had more success uploading pictures through the Image Uploader on your YOU page first, then adding them into a project after.

Can you send me the URL of the unpublished project?
RuiSantos (author)  mikeasaurus4 years ago
I think it was a chrome bug or something, but i still can't delete the post even using firefox

but I've uploaded the exact same pictures using mozilla firefox and i was sucessfull

so i really don't understand what happen...
I've deleted that instructable. Your pictures are still uploaded, so just start a new Instructable and use the pictures you like. Please make sure you are not using any special letters or symbols, and not to copy and paste directly from a Word Processor (use a text editor that has no special types of characters).
RuiSantos (author)  mikeasaurus4 years ago
thanks so much,
I will do what you said next time!
rimar20004 years ago
Press F5, it is all.
RuiSantos (author)  rimar20004 years ago
no that's not the problem.
I've already refreshed the website , no luck at all, i cant do anything to the post, i can't even delete :S
If so, send a PM to someone from the staff.