help i need an anvil (not railrode)

I need an anvil that is not railrode and is cheep so a 13 year old may get it. plese i cant make any thing so i cant post any thing and i am helpless.

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tbird1701e4 years ago
I you can spend around $50
oldworldanvils. com as a Stump Anvil
for about that little more with S&H
Ferrite10 years ago
Try going to Harbor Freight, I got a 110lb. anvil for about 90 dollars. Its not the best quality, but it works.
boy, harbor freight, that's scraping the bottom of the barrel no offence, though it probably is the cheepest anvil out there. i've had a theory design for making an anvil for a while (living in an apartment sux btw) but here's the theory:

take a stump of desired anvil size, if your somewhere where used telephone poles are avilible that's great, nice hard wood and all.

gather up some sheet metal (like old washing machine type stuff)

using some good size nails (like bigger then penny nails) drive the nails into the steel (i'm thinking a couple layers thick) and further into the stump.

heat the whole thing to a point where it is maleable and hammer it tightly around the stump, making sure there is no play between the sheet metal sheets, meaning they've melded together via hammering.

the whole set up is cheep, and if you wanted the pointy end like a normal anvil you could sink a railroad thingy into the stump before you hammer the steel on top of it.

this whole process should be fairly cheep
curvy775 years ago
It all depends on whatur doin. I have had many (anvils, and i use the term loosly) and mosy were made of wood. Aka a log. I have also used a steel pot(killed it) and some bricks (demolished!!). My point is that one can usw any hard surface as a anvil. However not all are the best. Wood tends to split and burn though u could soak it. Bricks will last depending on what ur trying to make and how many u got. And the steel pot....... yea just dont do that. Trust me, its annoying. Flat rocks could work too but make sure they're not slate or you will be removing rock pieces from ur face. Btw what u makin?
guyfrom7up10 years ago
all you need is a metal vise (about 20 dollars) for a small anvil, they generally have a small one one the back, and to mount it on a really sturdy platform.
I agree with the idea of using the anvil surface on a bench-vise. However, I also recommend caution as that surface is a typically a 'light forge-work only' anvil. Learned that the hard way when I was just starting out; lost my anvil and my bench-vise in a spectacular FAIL.

O and learn.
The flat anvils on vices are probably only the equivalent of a 5 - 10 lb anvil, when you compare them with small anvils at the tool shops...

You get what you pay for ~ cheaper vices are cast, NOT forged ~ so their anvils are either cast (i.e. more brittle), or welded on..

Better quality vices are "forged", so their anvil parts are also forged ~ but will still be lesser quality than a well made dedicated anvil. "Horses for courses..".

And, as always: "Caveat Emptor" ~ let the buyer beware.
metalarts6 years ago
Search on line under ferrier supply-equestrian supply or blacksmith supply.As Lextone states it, what you want sounds in between.What you don't want is the freight charge.Get it locally....
I reckon those who only need small anvils (and vices and similar, also..), when using online resources to hunt one down, should use the correct keywords to start their search with ~

something like "small cheap anvil", to narrow the search field a bit..

~ and then like others have said, narrow the field further by only looking locally...

P.S. Concerning railway track anvils - I have one here I made in a welding class back in the 1980s, and it's still going well. One end of the 15+ kg anvil has been shaped into a classic anvil shape, by slowly and patiently cutting away with an oxy' torch, than smoothing off with a 9" hand grinder, than filing smooth - a couple of hours work, but the results are worth it.
LJAlex19706 years ago
I was in need of something like that and found a solution, I'm using a trailer hitch, it has a solid tongue and several curves that I use to help some projects
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