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I allready have the budget to make ahuge robot. You see, i am interested in making a huge bipedal robot. This robot would be similar to the robot usedin The recent movie avatar. Alli need is some help.

- can i run 12 wheel chair motors with batteries ?
- can i charge the batteries at the same time while they are in use ?
- can i use a small engine to charge the batteries?
- what are the other alternatives for movements ?
- can some one help me with the design ?

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Kiteman8 years ago
Linear motors.  Hydraulic motors. Pneumatics.

To help with your searches, such a robot is commonly referred to as a mech, plural mecha, and is common in Japanese cartoon and comic art.

Inspirational videos:

arylic (author)  Kiteman8 years ago
hey thanks man. But what would be the required volts for 12 wheelchair motors ? and how could i connect the engine with the batteries? also can you give me some tips on how i can make the robot to carry a 700  N man ?
Kiteman arylic8 years ago
I believe wheelchair motors are 6V.

I would consider a small (lawnmower, moped) engine running an alternator as a generator, slung in a low "backpack" position.  Use wires to connect it through the same sort of circuit that is used to top batteries up with a wind turbine.

700N?  We're the same size.  You're forgetting, though, the weight of the motors themselves, gearing, batteries, engine etc.  I would consider a tubular metal frame, probably steel, with body panels of something light, like "correx".

Did you see the size of the feet on the Japanese video?  And how high it lifted its feet?  Your final mech is going to be heavy - 250-500kg easily.

arylic (author)  Kiteman8 years ago
Ok, thanks on the detail about the wheel chair motors. Though i doubt whether it would be able to cope with the weight of the robot and whether it would be able to even lift it's huge arms. Any good suggestions ?

Ok, i do have a old lawnmower which i can rip and use the engine. Ok, for the alternator and the wiring of the generator i'll find a technician to help me out though, thanks.

Hey your, i was thinking of using steel tubing with almunium covering.

Yeah, we need a huge feet to balance itself.

Hey kiteman, would you like colabrating with me in this project? .. and helping me out? cause i really need you tips. Thanks again dude.

Heres the things which i got outlined and needs criticism.

- it must be able to carry a 700N human
- using 12 motors, 3 for each arm and 3 for each leg.
- i got the controlling done.
- how do i balance the robot so it does no fall everytime it bumps into some thing.
- what system i can use to controll the robot onboard ?.
- what might the total cost be?
- can anyone help me with a working design ?
- how can i make it strong and powerful ?.

Kiteman arylic8 years ago
I can help with ideas, grammar, but all of this is blue-sky so far, because I've never attempted anything even remotely similar.

As for the power of the motors, they'll need to be geared - they'll be slower, but have more torque (think low gear for pulling heavy loads).

It depends on the motor
Make it big and strong
arylic (author) 8 years ago

here is a image for the type of robot i need mine to be like.