help needed on LED music box

I want to build one like , but with some LED only blink to bass (low range sounds), some to mid range, and some to only high range. Take this as an example: except I still like the idea of running through a mini jack.

I've done a lof reading and many people have suggested using inductors as low-pass filters. New to electrical things, I am really unsure what to do.

My design in mind is with 24 LEDs, 12 blink to bass, 8 blink to mid range, and 4 blink to high range. I'm planning to use a 12v DC charger with LEDs specs of 30mA forward current, 3.5V forward voltage. I understand having a VR will make the LEDs more consistent.

Can someone possibly draw me a schematic with the right resistors and inductors? help would be greatly appreciated.

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guyfrom7up6 years ago
This schematic recently one me a first place at a state tech competition, and all parts are available at radioshack! lol:
tsa schematic final.png
well that was a rather low res schematic lol, ummmm here's a higher res one
oh yeah, sorry, I didn't really read your whole post, lol, this is only bass reactive.

In all honestly, I believe bass reactive only is better, as things start to get hectic with mid range and treble and stuff.

and that schematic is by me! lol haha have a good day
robertmai (author)  guyfrom7up6 years ago
Do you have a video of it working?
not currently, but it works really well. and the potentiometer is a sensitivity knob to determine how discriminatory the bass reactiveness should be. Just trust me, it looks good :D It's currently installed in my friends room, so I currently don't have the device; I have recieved 3 requests from other people to build them these drivers :D