help! why can't i play DOOM on vista?

okay so i downloaded doom at my friends house, cause i realized i had not played it for a while. So i played it at his house for a while then i saved it on my flash drive, when i got home i started it up and it says "This system does not support fullscreen mode. Choose 'Close' to terminate the application",the title of said window is "16 bit MS-DOS subsystem". My friends computer runs XP, while mine runs Vista Home Premium, I figure this is part of the problem. will someone please tell me how i can fix this? Please?!

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Are you trying to run this in a dos window?
I found out vista doesn't support  full screen mode in a dos window.
angolob7 years ago
 Hello, I had the same problem as you with running DOOM CE on vista. This is how I was able to get it to work. Provided you are receiving the dplay.dll not found error. Windows vista uses a different file name for the same file as above. To make older windows programs, like doom and other pre- PC DVD and games for windows games work with vista, you must take the above file and save it in the C/windows/system32/ folder. An easy way to do this is to copy the dplayx.dll file to your desk top by right clicking it, rename the desk top copy as dplay.dll by right clicking it, then drag it in to the system32 folder right above the original one. Now you can play DOOM CE on Windows vista. J.
DJ Radio9 years ago
because if you do, vista will be DOOMED!
jaded136409 years ago
I wonder if it is becasue I moved doom into the doom directory instead of installing it there. Maybe? Wayne
The following sites may also be of interest. Here
and here
Here is another site. I hope it helps, and am sorry that I cannot provide you with any further assistance.
I would recommend putting Doom in its own directory on the C drive. I am not sure if this will fix it though. If it does not, try posting this problem in a forum on Dosbox's web page or contact customer support here, for this is getting to be past my knowledge. I wish you the best of luck, and hope that you get it working soon.
jaded136409 years ago
ok latest issue, I got to the correct directory, c:\msd\dosbox\oldgames\doom\doom2> but then when I type in the exe file, doom2 I get this message, this is a windows nt windowed excecutable. could this possibly be anymore complicated? LOL Any advise? Wayne
aeromancy9 years ago
Use the dosbox.conf file to change the usescancodes entry to =false
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