home built go Kart, electric V.S gas

Me and a friend of min have been wanting to build a go cart. Right now were in the planing stage and the first Question is to use an electric or a gas motor. If any one has any impute on which is cheaper, quicker, simpler, safer.

A top speed of 40mph or so is good enough.
My dad can weld (and is teaching us) he is an electrical engineer
i have a fully working washing machine motor (most likely to small to use)
also have a lawn mower engine

when i say top i mean like best of best
"top electric cart" (not my video)

"top gas cart" (not my video)


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David976 years ago
The diffrence between the two is that one is set up for drifting and one for racing.
David976 years ago
Gas I my favorite. If you are only starting the sport start with somthing like a 12hp gas go kart.
cwilks16 years ago
I'm making a go kart with a 250 polaris engine, i think it should go faster than an electric engine
carlg149 years ago
I have a xbox steering wheel laying around I am thinking of making my go-cart and using this as the steering wheel and because my go-cart will be electric I can use the buttons as controls like lights and accelerator does any 1 else have any good suggestions plz
That would not work....well easily. It would either involve interfacing the wheel into digitally controlling the axle or an easier way would be to remove the wheel from it's base and then use it to turn the axle. To use the buttons the way you want to, you would have to find a way to use the USB connection, which is digital, to control all of these "analog" things. An easier way to do that would be to remove all the internal electronics and replace it with custom circuitry to control the lights and accelerator. I think that in the end there would be to much work to repurpose something that could be more easily built from scratch.
a car/truck starter? they get hot fast but lots of power ,washing maching motor is not strong and is a A.C. motor would need an inverter :( solenoids to steer the cart then x-box would work good
i make shooting things (author)  carlg149 years ago
where are you getting the motor/Batteries
tractor suppliy
cburgess7x6 years ago
You should use gas, electric motors have very little horse power, while gas works great for horse power and plus, you only need a 12v battery for the spark plugs while a 12v motor will only get 1/8 h.p. at the most. and if you do find a 2 h.p. 12v electric motor, it'll be pricy, I looked it up. so thumbs up to gas.
lorddavis67 years ago
build electric - safer
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