home made airsoft gun??

how do i go about making one of these i have a few ideas floating around but the sound well "primative". i want to make one myself cuz for me they are too tedious to load to cheap and break easy and the ones tht are sturdy are wayyy to expansive for a weekend worrior. also the clips only hold like 15 for a handgun and we play from like 10 feet away from each other and dont need a rifle. also they just arent accurate enuff. and dont go as far. i see some ppl playing in fields like as big as football feilds and if i tried tht the ball would curve wayyyyyy off half way orrr not make it there. and the exensive ones do tht but are toooooo expansive. For me and my friends airsoft is a paintball subsistute cuz here in maryland it gets really cold and paintball supplies are only found at the nearest wal-mart. so i want a realiable semi-auto, self built gun.

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SAWAirsoft5 years ago
Heres a basic concept demonstration instructable to get you guys started on your homemade contraptions.
35Timmy6 years ago
below is a good airsoft gun and it has longer range than the other air guns on this question any ways below is the link
35Timmy6 years ago
dude look at the  also you do not a breakable one even if it is cheap what you want is a cheap that's no cheapstake but cheap with a cost of $13.99 total and the link is below for the ones you may want to pick from also rate and look at everyone of these links https://www.instructables.com/id/how-to-make-a-pcp-bottle-gun/ 
of coarse though it is the author of the comments idea so it is unclaimable idea execpt to the user of who posted this exact comment
turtleshane7 years ago
i made an airsoft gun for under $100. It holds 2,000 bbs and shoots 50-100 bbs a second, at around 350-400 fps. powered by a paintball co2 tank and made out of pvc. should i make an instructable on this :) hahah
please make an instructable!
how did you make that.
i will start working on an instructable for you so you may make one.
its out of pvc pipe, few metal parts, paintball co2 tank, and some plastic sheeting or wood.
how many people have you shot with it?
a few of my friends and i have been shot with it it hurts like a normal airsoft gun. More co2 pressure you have on and more bbs in the magazine the higher the fps
budabob076 years ago
To get semi-auto, you could hook up a three way valve to a QEV. There are many ways for a loading mechanism, but for BB's a simple tee connection may work. There are many ways that use an air cylinder and spring to power the bolt though, and that is how you can get semi auto
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