home made airsoft gun??

how do i go about making one of these i have a few ideas floating around but the sound well "primative". i want to make one myself cuz for me they are too tedious to load to cheap and break easy and the ones tht are sturdy are wayyy to expansive for a weekend worrior. also the clips only hold like 15 for a handgun and we play from like 10 feet away from each other and dont need a rifle. also they just arent accurate enuff. and dont go as far. i see some ppl playing in fields like as big as football feilds and if i tried tht the ball would curve wayyyyyy off half way orrr not make it there. and the exensive ones do tht but are toooooo expansive. For me and my friends airsoft is a paintball subsistute cuz here in maryland it gets really cold and paintball supplies are only found at the nearest wal-mart. so i want a realiable semi-auto, self built gun.

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SAWAirsoft3 years ago
Heres a basic concept demonstration instructable to get you guys started on your homemade contraptions.
35Timmy5 years ago
below is a good airsoft gun and it has longer range than the other air guns on this question any ways below is the link
35Timmy5 years ago
dude look at the  also you do not a breakable one even if it is cheap what you want is a cheap that's no cheapstake but cheap with a cost of $13.99 total and the link is below for the ones you may want to pick from also rate and look at everyone of these links http://www.instructables.com/id/how-to-make-a-pcp-bottle-gun/ 
of coarse though it is the author of the comments idea so it is unclaimable idea execpt to the user of who posted this exact comment
turtleshane5 years ago
i made an airsoft gun for under $100. It holds 2,000 bbs and shoots 50-100 bbs a second, at around 350-400 fps. powered by a paintball co2 tank and made out of pvc. should i make an instructable on this :) hahah
please make an instructable!
how did you make that.
i will start working on an instructable for you so you may make one.
its out of pvc pipe, few metal parts, paintball co2 tank, and some plastic sheeting or wood.
how many people have you shot with it?
a few of my friends and i have been shot with it it hurts like a normal airsoft gun. More co2 pressure you have on and more bbs in the magazine the higher the fps
budabob075 years ago
To get semi-auto, you could hook up a three way valve to a QEV. There are many ways for a loading mechanism, but for BB's a simple tee connection may work. There are many ways that use an air cylinder and spring to power the bolt though, and that is how you can get semi auto
lolol5 years ago
topdog07995 years ago
I am tring to make my own airsoft gun but I am having a litle truble figering out how to get it to shout. I am thinking about using a air pump but I am also thinking about using a motor to make it atomatic. Pleas coment.
lupinesoul8 years ago
I agree. The Nerf mod is too simple and isn't automatic. It also seems to be incredibly weak. However, by combining the Nerf mod Instructable (there are many to choose from) with the Explosive Air-Release Valve Instructable (http://www.instructables.com/id/Airgun-with-eXplosive-air-Release-Valve/), you can make a very powerful gun. I'm still trying to figure out how to keep the pellet in the barrel (shouldn't take too long) and how to make it automatic (I think if I can keep the pellet in the barrel, I can just have the ammo feed directly into the barrel without it firing many pellets at a time). Just keep at it. BTW, Maryland isn't that cold. xD
fretmelter (author)  lupinesoul8 years ago
yes i have seen this vavle made before and it is very popular i have just bouhgt a aritsfot gun now but u can keep the pelet in the barell by putting a small dab of finger nail paint on the inside to keep it from rolling.
and it is too cold in maryland http://meto.umd.edu/~climate/winter03.html
there that should help i juist found tht site so i hope it gets the point across (81.5 inches of sowfall a month in 2003)
81.5 inches!? that's nothing dude! In Oswego NY (in 2003) snowfall was alittle over 130 inches! No whineing! Nerf mod with the Explosive Air-Release Valve is affective. My cool science teacher did it with his old Recon. It cost him $350 just to make it. He used a little bit of a different mod though. Useing a Red Ryder valve thing. It was cool cause he showed us and we measured how far the pellet went. it went 63.5 ft! (NOTE: he welded the pump on the inside along with useing the barrel welded on from rr. Complicated but you can get the idea.)
do you have a picture
fretmelter (author)  lupinesoul8 years ago
? why would u post if your ganna be a dick a bout it???
How am I being a dick, dick? I was lawling about the "it is too cold in maryland" comment.
fretmelter (author)  lupinesoul7 years ago
ok u win good job, now stop commenting m tired of checking on this
zascecs6 years ago
Well, you could buy a very cheap airsoft gun and then buy better parts for it separately; it could end up cheaper that way, and the gun could exactly fit your needs. ...although recently, I have been attempting to build an airsoft gun completely out of scratch; you could try that...
Airwarrior6 years ago
Well, my plan for a semi auto rifle will cost me 300$ for a full wood and metal gun. It's not at prefection yet but I'll post pics when the pieces come and as I work on it. It's gonna be a rifle stock with a spring guns parts In it and sometime I'll upgrade it to co2 or electric.
build a cloud bbmg, nice and simple.
CAP_CADET7 years ago
Maybe it doesn't hold alot, but you can mod a Nerf gun...Or look at your local Army Navy store at hand guns-I got a accurate and far-shooting Beretta at mine for less than ten bucks...but you're not going to get anything that carries more than 15. Sorry.
guyfrom7up7 years ago
I was about to build my own aeg because my parents wouldn't allow me to buy one, so I got a design laid out, but then they allowed me to buy one, so win win, lol.

Through some careful building, you can build one way more powerful than anystore bought one (the active spring in most store bought ones are only an inch or so long, imagine if that spring was a foot long and way more stiff.

Also, I hate all of the wimply compressed air ones, who's going to pump up an airsoft gun? Who's going to be playing with an aircompressor right next to them? The little piece of straw over a nozzle is stupid too, where's the reload!?!

scroll down pass the adds to see how one works, kinda
first off, a homemade gun would most likely less accurate than a store bought one. Just think about the parts you will need. A barrel A clip, you could possibly have a large one to fill up, and then put a plate with a spring underneath all the bbs. Then have the top be funnel like. A shooting mechanism..this may be your easiest bet.
bb gun.jpg
i know how to make a reliable & powerful bb sniper but its quite expensive and it takes a fair bit of metalworking, & pvc working skill.
please post a instructable or link to one
jtobako9 years ago
First, be realistic. 15+ shot, semi-auto, accurate, cheep, easy, reliable? and the assumed pnumatic, one hand, small and light weight?

Take one of the ones you have apart. Can you build one? (Can you get it put back together?)

Look at

If you can't build a combination of these, work on your Make-ing skills first.
hey for anyone interested iv been looking into ways to make compression other then air yeah ok yu will get sticky mor ethen likely but i have been looking into coke and mentos once the two react pressure is enormous and to help ith the pressure a release valve can be placed separatley to blow off extra gases.
popomaster7 years ago
semi auto will be hard to make homemade, i think a revolver would be easier
blugyblug8 years ago
There are heaps of "SPud gun" instructables. just search spud gun or air gun. Ive actually made an instructable on making a sniper. If you want more, go to www.spudfiles.com They have heaps of stuff about Air Rifles and spud cannons (same thing -.-)
"so i want a realiable semi-auto, self built gun"
No offence, but you sound like a noob on spudfiles that demands all these plans for fully automatic golfball guns.. =DD
Semi-auto is pretty hard if you are going for distance as well. If you dont need distance, just make a cloud or vortex. (search on Spudfiles WIki)
fretmelter (author)  blugyblug8 years ago
yeah i live in western mayland on top of a mountain the climate is a lot diffferent then baltimore but none the less thnx for the vid
jakee1178 years ago
hey! i live in Maryland and it isn't that cold... where are you at im near baltimore.
as far as a homeade semi auto pistol, i found a thing were you can convert a cap gun revolver from wal mart into an airsoft gun, like this:

i dont really know how the range and power is...

btw i will be gettting a jing gong version 3 g36c soon...
they have some decent paintball guns at my walmart... like a tippman 98 custom... i dont know much about paintball so ..yeah
jay jay8 years ago
dude i really dont know im working on it myself. i dont know what the point of this comment is. maybe you should buy one. icant though not allowed. it stinks for me.(:
clayo jay jay8 years ago
I do alot of airsoft myself i have made silencers that inprove accuracy and silence i havent posted them because my picture upload isn't working but im working on a home made airsoft gun right now and hope to post it some time if not maybe i could post it on my website
alpha dog8 years ago
lol!! take one of those paint ball gun tanks and ome how invient a bb gun that shoots with the tanks pressure OR stick it in a Co2 bb gun and replace it with a paint ball tank.
littlebro058 years ago
here's a link you might find easy to make a really good automatic bb gun


apparently it fire .12 or .2g bbs .. well either one at max rang of 90metres

or 3mm steel bbs u can get at bike shops at 300metres... tho doubtful u'll hit any one from that fire lol
nerfer1928 years ago
knex, bic pens, modded nerf guns
deadshots8 years ago
yo just need a small but strong spring
toulvus9 years ago
knex maybe? thats probably a really cheap alternative