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Hi everybody! I'm thinking of getting a home made tattoo. I've been looking through various home made tattoo gun designs, but as the tattoo design I have in mind is rather big I'm thinking there might be an easier way than having to "dot" it out.. So, theoretically, could one make a cut in the skin (about maybe ten inches long) with say a razorblade, and then just rub the ink into the cut? I don't wanna seem like a moron here. I know it's a risky procedure, but if it could work and I would go through with it, is there something special I should take into consideration? And what would I use for ink? I've seen the term "indian ink" used on several forums, but I'm not from the US and I don't know if the stores here in sweden even carry that stuff. Anyways, I know this may sound like a real stupid idea, but if I ever get a tattoo it's gonna be one I made myself. That's the whole idea.

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dpater5 years ago
try a Google search on home made tattoo's gone wrong,

I do agree with comments by others, go to an expert for this
who has references, happy customers.

Kiteman5 years ago
Have you seen the age of this topic?

Have you seen what home tattoos look like after a few years? There's a reason reputable tattoo artists refuse to work on minors.
And for our next contestant, we have someone who will perform a root canal on himself. Yay!!

Seriously, have you ever seen anyone with a really bad tattoo that they had to have blacked out? How bad is it when you can't even find an artist to turn a mistake into something decent? I saw a couple of guys covered in tats at Costco last month. The tat that made me keep looking out the corner of my eye so that it wouldn't look like I was staring was a 3-inch by 10-inch irregular black blob on his lower leg.

lemonie5 years ago
GnomeMaster8 years ago
I would like to say that this is the dumbest idea I have ever not thought of, I mean really its bad enough to get a real tattoo, but doing it on yourself is just plain STUPID!!! do you know how much pain you would be in? IT WOULD FEEL LIKE THOUGHTHANDS OF WHITE HOT POKERS BEING SHOVED INTO YOUR HEART AND LEFT THERE TO COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!THIS WOULD BE THE MOST STUPID THNG YOU HAVE EVER DONE(probably)
well i have given myself tattos and it only hurts for the first minute then the pain goes away and as long as you have a steady hand you will be fine
It doesn't feel like that. It hardly hurts at all if you do it right. All of mine hurt less than a paper cut and they still look good after 3 years.
how did u do ur tattoos i want to know cus i want ti get one how did u do them
LasVegas10 years ago
I'm surprised that there's no Instructable on making your own tattoo gun. My son made a few of them with an old electric toy motor, a sewing needle and old ink pen, wire and a 9 volt battery. While I wouldn't condone using such a device, It was a pretty cool design.
i saw a video on youtube was pretty simple used a small motor, a button and mechanical pencil. he use guitar string for a needle oh and a bent spoon just type in homemade tatoo gun on youtube search. it was probably the best homemade gun ive seen and easiest
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