homemade switchblade

i need ideas to make a homemade switchblade because im very broke.i want it to be nice though,not very sucky,please.i need ideas,so please help me if you can.(i need a REAL knife,not one of those cool popsicle stick switchblades.the blade needs to lock in place too)PLEASE HELP ME!!!IM BEGGING YOU!!!!!PLEASE!!!!thank you

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Maybe this video will help.

kaseyraex39 years ago
for some reason i dont think you are gunna get much help on this buddy....but thats just me....
Plus there is this... "The Switchblade Act, (public law 85-623, enacted on August 12, 1958, and codified in 15 USC 1241-1245), prohibits the manufacture (plus more stuff, but this pertains to you)... It provides exceptions for government agencies, members of the Armed Forces, and for one-armed persons." Thats if you live in the US. Other countries have different laws. Might want to look them up if you live outside the US.

Here in austria, there is no such law. We can have switchblades here. The internet isn't just for Americans. I can't tell you how frustrated I am with Americans constantly saying "That's illegal" without ever asking "Where are you from?"

As I said in your other topic, you are wrong with your assumption.
In Austria it is legal to buy and posess such knifes but not to carry them around in public - no matter if visible to others or not.
They also fall under the dangerous weapons laws in your country.
Before you make statements that might be vital for others you might actually want to check what you are talking about ;)

Section 1244. Exceptions:

4) the possession, and transportation upon his person, of any switchblade knife with a blade three inches or less in length by any individual who has only one arm.

Switchblades however, are often covered by specific law. Such laws generally restrict one or more of the following: manufacture, export, importation, sale, possession, or carrying in a public place.

In Canada switchblades are illegal. They are not legal to sell, buy, trade, carry or otherwise possess.

Most switchblades are illegal to own, import or export. However, if the blade is side-opening, a maximum of 8.5 cm long, the breadth is a minimum of 20% of length, and is not double-edged, they are legal.

United States:
Federal law

The Switchblade Act, (public law 85-623, enacted on August 12, 1958, and codified in 15 USC 1241-1245), prohibits the manufacture or transportation of switchblade knives in interstate commerce.

Local laws, an example - in California:

653k. Every person who possesses in the passenger's or driver's area of any motor vehicle in any public place or place open to the public, carries upon his or her person, and every person who sells, offers for sale, exposes for sale, loans, transfers, or gives to any other person a switchblade knife having a blade two or more inches in length is guilty of a misdemeanor.

And one more - Connecticut law states that:

§ 53-206. Carrying of dangerous weapons prohibited.
(a) Any person who carries upon one's person any BB. gun, blackjack, metal or brass knuckles, or any dirk knife, or any switch knife, or any knife having an automatic spring release device by which a blade is released from the handle, having a blade of over one and one-half inches in length, or stiletto, or any knife the edged portion of the blade of which is four inches or over in length, any police baton or nightstick, or any martial arts weapon or electronic defense weapon, as defined in section 53a-3, or any other dangerous or deadly weapon or instrument, shall be fined not more than five hundred dollars or imprisoned not more than three years or both. Whenever any person is found guilty of a violation of this section, any weapon or other instrument within the provisions of this section, found upon the body of such person, shall be forfeited to the municipality wherein such person was apprehended, notwithstanding any failure of the judgment of conviction to expressly impose such forfeiture
ll.13 Goodhart9 years ago
I don't think the kid's worried about laws. :-/
Goodhart ll.139 years ago
If someone hands him a sentence of five hundred dollars or imprisoned not more than three years or both. I am sure he will become quite mindful of them.
Plus those are just the federal laws. The state laws where he is at could be even more severe.
The last two paragraphs are California and Connecticut state laws, as examples of what is out there.
it seems all pdw's are illegal in canada
Try living in canada. You cant even go and buy a dull knife online. I tried to get a Assasins Creed knife and they said that you cant get it in Canada. Tried on ebay still didn't work
Do you mean like this one here..... or this one here ? :-)
given the choice, id take the mp7. the mp5 was replaced by the mp7 because it could not penetrate body armor. the mp7 fires armor piercing rounds. but i meant pdw as in personal defense weapons. they should add a version of the second amendment here.
I know, I'm sorry, I was teasing a little there ;-)
stop teasing me because my country wont allow me to own a gun.
I said I was sorry..... *sigh*
i dont think he cares too much about the law, or else there wouldnt be this discussion board
Haha! I live in Aussie but i think switchblades are illegal here to. lol
They're illegal in the UK as well, and have been for some time:

Full-Auto Knife

Common Use Names: Flick Knife, Switchblade, Automatic Knife

Cited: The Restriction of Offensive Weapons Act (1959)

Prohibits: Manufacture, import, sale or hire, or offer of sale or hire, or lending or giving to any other person.

Legal Definition: Any knife which has a blade which opens automatically by hand pressure applied to a button, spring or other device in or attached to the handle of the knife.

Common Misconceptions: Rolox actions, Speedsafe actions (commonly referred to as semi-automatic knives) are not full-auto knives. Whilst they open in a similar fashion, they do not meet the criteria of the Restriction of Offensive Weapons Act (1959), as the device required to be operated to deploy the blade is attached to the blade itself, and therefore is not in nor attached to the handle of the knife.

Link to source of quote
What about butterfly knifes? Mind you don't really matter what knives are illegal, you get caught with anything like that and you will find yourself in trouble in this country, not me though, ohhh no! I got me trusty fountain pen in me bus ticket pocket of me jeans, ha try to make that illegal you f@cking Nazi's(British govament).
"In the UK, The Butterfly Knife has been legally classified as an offensive weapon since January 1989.[6] Possession of one is not a criminal offence, but sale, trade, gift, or purchase is prohibited. Any imported are liable to be seized and prosecution may follow. The exception to this are knives of this type over 100 years old which are classed as antiques."

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Balisong_(knife)#Legal_status
guess its really hard to posses something when you cant buy. trade, sell, or receive one as a gift...
inherit it?
is that legal?
You could find one on the street... Or make it...
Or just get a leatherman c301 (it has a legal "blade launcher")
i'm confused. why do you want a switchblade? and your only 11?? i think they are illegal in canada too. everything else is.
not weed!
im going to canada...
Me too! See you there soon!
haha great plan
excuse me while I light my spliff good god I gotta take a lift
umm sure?
cool. you can swing my montreal. there is a great electronics store on decari street
I'm pretty sure you can't even buy. trade, sell, or receive a sameri sword as a gift anymore in England, I remember reading it in the sun. load of bollocks though I could get a bloody AK47 if I wanted one off a bloke down the pub, sells dodgey fags as well.
Butterfly knives are illegal as well. Check the link I gave for other illegalities.
second. do you have divination powers?
if i knew what the was....SUURE
like in harry potter! you can tell the future.
oh well...i knew that...and yes...and with that power i can advise you not to play in traffic anytime soon :)
cool. how about high voltages?
go right ahead...
yay yay yay. (cut it out) you have no sense of fun oscar cool. now i can start work on my SSTC
solid state tesla coil
ah..i get it
just google it under images
I know what it is
ohh. cool .sorry. i'm used to having to explain it to people.
i just didnt know what it was when you said SSTC
Ryan Vargas4 years ago
but if you buy one they normally break if you make one you knowhow to fix it.
Well I made a automatic knife it's just a pipe and a home made blade.

Video 68 0 00 00-03.jpgVideo 69 0 00 00-01.jpgVideo 71 0 00 00-01.jpg
can you please make a instructable on how to make it and post the link in a relpy
Brian Wall6 years ago
hey dude i know how you feel, there is like nothing on the internet about these knives. ive wanted to make one for a while and ive kinda just been thinking about different ideas. so ya just be creative post pics of it when your done id love to see it :)
Just get a switchcomb, and take out the comb and get a hacksaw blade,sharpen it, and just put it in where the comb was and hammer it down
Skelton9998 years ago
This is the worst forum ever! Tell the kid how to make a switchblade or shut up. Quite spamming everything up, you all turned a simple and obvious "thats illegal" into a hlaf hour of reading and nothing constructinve.
i made a switchblade once, i got suspended for 5 days lesson learned stop while your ahead
I know how you feel, I made a 5-inch fixed blade in school using a fancy peice of wood and a 7 inch metal ruler. Unfortuanetly I didn't have enough time to make an sheath for it so I ended up trying to carry it in my pocket the hole day without stabbing myself-that really stunk
where can i get a metal ruler
staples has em'
but the knife was great once I got it home
zaczac8 years ago
just rig 1 of these cheap snap off razors witha spring or rubber band. they have a button that u need to press to move the blade forwards built in so yeh
AREN'T SWITCH BLADES iIleagle ? What are you going to use it for ? and I doubt your going to find anything !..... Now that ive read to the bottom of the page there are many people stating they are illeagle.
ll.139 years ago
I would say have a look at what other knives you can make, there are a few very simple instructables for a knife, i recommend try making a few knives, a fixed blade, folder..... then you will have some knowhow of things, then go about making a something more what you want. another knife you might want to consider is a balisong, or butterfly knife, there will be tutorials out there, and google is your friend (usually) =)

-good luck.
balsaboy9 years ago
OK, first off I don't have a problem with a boy and a folding knife. Frankly, a switch blade is a really cool knife. I got one, and I keep it in my safe, along with my guns. I hope that someday this kid can have safe that he keeps his treasures in as well. Megapun13, go to ebay and do some looking. Miniature switchblades can be had for cheap, and they are legal everywhere in the USA, just read the ebay ads and they tell you that. The are just little bitty things, but you could get one and take it apart for a look see. If your in the UK you can pretty much forget about owning anything to protect yourself with. Lord knows what a laughing stock that country is to a boy from Montana, but if your living in that place my first recommendation is to get out of there, and my second is to consider alternatives in self protection devices. Do some Internet searching boy.
ever notice that the UK and canada have lower murder rates than the USA? maybe its because they dont sell self protection, maybe because they dont need it....
ok i saw in another one of your posts that your 11 years old...why in gods name does a 11 year old need a switch blade.....................
Dude, I know, I think its part of this whole 11-13 year old teen boys who are the "yeah! axe can flamethrower! switchblades!" sorta thing and then they call themselves pyromaniacs, because they think its cool...
just go buy one, you can get them for 15 bucks in chicago
Juklop9 years ago
Gonna stab somebody?