how can I drill into Ikea aluminum frame to add knobs without breaking tempered glass?

Help! I need to drill into an Ikea aluminum door frame to add a knob. I don't want to break the tempered glass. Thanks

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Toga_Dan2 years ago

picture? how close is glass to the place to be drilled?

judyb52 (author)  Toga_Dan2 years ago

I haven't measured it, but I think I will avoid the stress & glue the knobs on.


epoxy after a thorough cleaning is the most likely to adhere.

judyb52 (author)  Toga_Dan1 year ago

the metal is aluminum. what should I clean it with? also, is there a particular epoxy you recommend? Thanks

If it is only for a tiny amount the single packs of Selleys Epoxy work great on glass.
The little packs of glue for your windscreen mirror are incredible too, both for their power and price.
But! I also tried superglue that came with an activator pen for glass and hard to glue plastics.
Once on with that it is on, I actually broke a pane of window glass while testing if I get the glued on part off or not.
Downside is that over time and with exposure to moisture the super glue can weaken.

cleaning with alcohol will remove any oils from fingerprints. If it is possible to rough up with sandpaper only the spot the knob will cover, this might help, too.

Hardware stores oft have several types of epoxy. Read the recommendations on packaging.

gmoon2 years ago

Very carefully?

judyb52 (author)  gmoon2 years ago


I did some holes using a diamond cutter for tiles.
They only come down to about 4mm but as big as you want.
Basically just a metal pipe with some "frosting" at one end.
The trick with tempered glass is NOT TO USE PRESSURE and drill with running water on the hole area.
But if you want to attempt this by hand you will most definately crack the glass once the last mm or two of glass is reached.

judyb52 (author)  Downunder35m2 years ago

Thanks for the suggestions.

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