how can i make a youtube poop?

dear instructables. i want to make a you tube poop. But i don't know how. Can you make an instructable on it plz -Ninjacat64

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Keith-Kid9 years ago
1) Find a Youtube 2) Take it out for a walk in the park 3) Buy it a burger 4) Buy it a burger King Smoothie 5) Rush to your house and let it use your toilet.
What is a you tube poop?
Seems like something you'd do, Kiteman.

No, not me... I had to google to find out what it was.
sure...Just wait until I find your account on there.
You really are.
I once had somebody (on here? At school? I forget which) say "I didn't know teachers were allowed YouTube accounts".
You're not. That's why we have a special place just for you.
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