how can i transfer data file from sd card to my Windows PC through WIFI.


I'm using the Arduino to log data on to an SD card and I would like to be able to transfer that file on the card to my Windows PC for further use it, through WIFI.

how can i make that possible.

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If you want it really simple use a WiFi enabled SD.
WiFi SD's are getting quite cheap now and you won't have any problems programming as all is done already ;)

It is easy to connect phones with Windows PC via WiFi, but it is if you want to transfer files from SD card to Windows PC, it would be not that easy. I have tried many ways and only find this free app is the possible solution.

Kiteman2 years ago

You can buy wifi-enabled SD cards. "Eye-fi" and "FlashAir" are two brands that spring to mind, but just search your favourite online retailer for wifi SD card.

Much easier than messing with programming if you can use a ready to go solution.
That way you can simply connect from your PC to the card and get what you need off it.

SoufianeG (author) 2 years ago

we have the wifi shield is that work..........

if it does what about the programmation side