how did u find out about instructables

how did u find out about instructables i found out about instructables when i was searching on how to build a jet engine.

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i found it while looking up stuff on rubiks cubes found an instructable on how to build one, it got me hooked
Derin9 years ago
from which has links to some instructables
martymunch9 years ago
Actually I was looking for ideas on how to build a hidden book shelf door and I came across this 'ible and bookmarked it.

After many talks of how to do this and that we stalled and went to tearing out a wall and did some other stuff. I found the link a few weeks later and started surfing. I absolutely love this site now. It's not blocked at work and I get to make things and show things. Bonus points!
Aeshir9 years ago
Hmmm...I actually can't remember at all...
i found it looking for a picture of my mom on the net... dont ask.
Sun Gear9 years ago
found it when i looked for a youtube video on how to make a knex gun and one of the videos had a link to this site. the video had they knexecutioner.
I was killing time at work looking for info on tesla turbines.
Kiteman9 years ago
Snap! I didn't find what I needed here, but the stuff I did find became what is still my highest-viewed 'ible.

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