how do I build a chemical car?

Hello, my name is Taylor Love. Right now my school is having us do a science project where we need to use chemicals to propel a toy car across the room. sounds easy right? oh wait there's a catch. no combustion reactions, or explosions. :( got any ideas besides the usual baking soda and vinegar trick? any help would be great. if anyone knows how we could make a battery powered car go across the room, that'd be pretty cool too. but we have to make the battery from scratch.

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Try a HHO fuel cell. They are under a hundred dollars and can propel a model car a few hundred yards on one charge.
Goodhart8 years ago
Seems to me that I remember making a battery cell using epson salts, some paper towels, and some thin pieces of lead.....but I can't find a source for how it was done.
mexx.admin (author) 8 years ago
I just looked up a few chemical reactions. acetone + hydrogen peroxide
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