how do color change LEDs work?

How do the LEDs that fade colors work?  It's actually three lights, (red, green, and blue), right?  But what makes them fade on and off?

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guyfrom7up7 years ago
there's an onboard controller that PWM each LED to a preprogrammed pattern.  These LEDs still need resistors, though.
aliasjanedoe (author)  guyfrom7up7 years ago
Is there anywhere to buy those tiny controllers?  I'd like to use something like that to cycle three 0603 surface mount LEDs, and the smallest chips I can find are huge (I need something 3mm or smaller - 1.5mm would be ideal).
am1117 years ago
the nano computer onboard the led is what controls the resistance to the individual dies and causes them to fade
lemonie7 years ago
The fading is controlled by an integrated circuit / microprocessor usually. These can be built into the same device, or separate.

 I think that it according to your LED lights. Different lights has different operating. Or just read some product specifications about LED lights.