how do you stop a rumour

please how do you stop a rumour

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Goodhart6 years ago
Clean living and shave every day..... :-)
lemonie6 years ago

Exaggerate it, to the extent at which people can't believe it's true.

craftyv6 years ago
The less said the better. Any kind of airing of the subject even with friends, keeps it perculating somewhere.
Tell your friends (true) not to ask or talk to each other about it.
Don't discuss it yourself (not even to ask about their re-action to it).
Don't "carry it with you" like a negative vibe. Put on a happy/calm face.
No Email,tweet,facebook etc.
Most certainly don't confront the rumourist about it. Give it no air and it will run out of oxygen. Best of luck with this.
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> Give it no air and it will run out of oxygen
.  Well said
caitlinsdad6 years ago
Take to heart the advice in your previous topic on Bullying.
Rumors are just rumors.  You have to learn to shrug them off.  Good luck.
Agreed - when you hear it repeated, just sigh, shrug your shoulders and give a "not this old thing" look.

At most, if people as you about the rumour, simply ask them; "you haven't fallen for that line have you? I thought you were better than that."