how do you submit a guide?

PLEASE, let me know, how do you submit a guide. It doesn't have that option when I click on "submit." PLEASE TELL ME HOW!!!!!!!!

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pass the mouse over the menu "create".
will appear some options. down in the left there are 6 small orange squares. the top right say "guide" you click it and make a guide
FFVIIBOY7 years ago
I dont get it, how do you tell the staff you want to make a guide?
If you are not lucky enough to have telepathic powers, you will need to use the Private Message function button found on the user profile page when you click on the username of the member that you want to contact.
Oh thanks :) and I do have Telepathic powers but they ran out of power. ANYONE HAVE 2 DOUBLE A BATTERIES?
Ha i cheated the glitch
Nice :)  I hate that glitch. I think I might make a forum topic on it to see if they'll fix it.
Or something more fun........................... ANGRY MOB ASSEMBLE!!!!!!

muhahahahahaha  (evil laugh)

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