how does a blow torch work

i was thinking of making a mini blow torch. but i have no idea how it works or hot to make on. my bro has this mini torch that give out a blue flame. it just uses a simple refeulable cartridge. it uses butane. i have a barbecue lighter i dissected and i want to make one. but does anyone know how it works or how to make one?

DzakirH2 years ago

Maybe, you should try dissecting your Bro's blue flame and have a look inside. That would be a normal lighter catridge which is refillable connected to a sillicon tube to a compressor with air holes and together with the wire from the Piezo Electric sparker to ignite it. Try examine the compressor, you would see air hole(s) which works pretty much similar to a bunsen burner. I'm not really sure how it works but I do know that it compresses the gas with the air in the surroundings going through thr air hole

gck249 years ago
hey I need to know how a blow torch works like a diagram. when I tried to blow up the one pat sowers sent it got really blurry. I've been looking for several days for a diagram like that but can't find any could you help me out?
Kiteman9 years ago
You need a venturi.

Have a look at a Bunsen burner - the gas enters the base of the chimney via a narrow jet and blows up the much wider chimney.

When you open the air-holes at the bottom, the venturi effect (fast fluids have lower pressure) draws air in through the holes. The gas and air mix as they flow up the chimney, giving a decent proportion of gas:oxygen.

The trick is getting all the variable balanced - the flame burns back along the jet of gas, so you need the gas to flow out as fast as it burns.

The length and diameter of the chimney will affect the burn, as will the diameter of the gas-jet, the size of the air-holes and their exact position in relation to the gas-jet.

Good luck...
Pat Sowers9 years ago
Look at this. It burns at about 6000 degrees F